Monday, August 23, 2010

VACATION!!! over :(

Why does time leading up to a vacation seem to s l o w d o w n? And why does the moment you are on vacation time seems to speed up? Sigh, I guess that is something we all have to deal with (unless you are a weird person and you don't take vacations).

We were on vacation last week, in case you hadn't guessed. This year we went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my husband's family; all of the family. There were 10 adults and the one and only grandchild. I'm sure Sean and Cong will remedy that soon, I hope, because we will not be the ones to give that sole grandchild some cousins.

We left last Saturday and spent a week up on the Keweenaw Peninsula. If you are wondering where that is at, it's at the very tip top of Michigan on Lake Superior. The weather was mostly pleasant, although there were a few days that were extremely windy resulting in me having an allergy attack. But don't worry, even though I stayed inside all day on Wednesday I was able to read most of a 600 page book. I didn't feel the least bit guilty for doing nothing all day, I love vacations.

We stayed in a 4 bedroom cabin at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp and enjoyed the services and the food at the camp. You can't go wrong with homemade bread at every meal. My hips and thighs seemed to like the homemade bread a lot, I gained about 4 pounds this year. Last year was worse, I gained 8! My husband's family has been going to this camp for 40+ years, but this was one of the few times the entire family got to go.

I would like to say that we took fabulous pictures and that they are attached to this post. However, I think that you will be disappointed to know we really didn't take that many pictures. I am a terrible picture taker, meaning I just don't take them. My husband is a little better and the 7 pictures that were taken was when he had the camera. Below is the best one of the 7. Isn't it just beautiful? You might also notice a smattering of color in the trees, they were beginning to change into their Autumn hues.

We arrived home on Friday and went to go pick up the dog at the pet hotel. Here she is enjoying some play time with the other dogs. We got her home and she slept for about 12 hours. On Saturday she got up to go outside, came back in and ate some food. She then slept for about another 12 hours. I think she had a good time playing with all the other dogs.

Now it's over and we are back to our jobs and reality, counting down the days till our next vacation. At least Labor Day is just two weeks away!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Simple Life

I have decided I hate being busy. I am not one of those types of people that has to be involved in a lot of different things, going this way and that way all the time. I always wonder how it is that people that seem to always be occupied with an activity never get exhausted. Or, maybe they do get exhausted and I just never observe them in that state.

I used to be that type of person, you know the busy one. I started to become the busy type when I was in my junior year of high school. I was home schooled and by that time in my high school career I really had finished up most of the requirements for graduation. I had just 3 classes left to do; Science and English for my junior year and then just another year of English for my senior year. I also took 4 different music classes at the local high school. I started working full time as well hanging out more with my friends in the evening. I was busy to say the least, but I enjoyed it. I think this was because of my new found freedom of being 16. I was able to pretty much go where ever I wanted as long as I was home by midnight (even on school nights) and I told my parents where I was going and whom I was going to be with. My senior year was pretty much the same.

When I got to college I started out by working 32 hours a week as well as taking 21, yes 21, credit hours. As a requirement of my major (voice) I also had to practice voice 10 hours a week. Plus there was the social aspect of college as well. It is no wonder that by the end of my freshman year I was exhausted. And I don't mean just tired all the time, which I was, but there were days when I literally could not get out of bed because my body would not let me. I had to learn to scale back and not be as busy. My sophomore year was more manageable with only working 25 hours a week and taking 12 credit hours.

After my sophomore year I did not return to college. I really just wanted to work for awhile and since I am prone to being a workaholic this worked out well for me. I ended up working three jobs, one full and two part time. You would think that I had learned my lesson from college, but I did not. It wasn't too long before I was just exhausted.

When I went to Russia I decided that I would make it a point to take one day off a week. When you are in full time ministry this is actually something that is hard to do. But I was determined. I figured I would be better used if I wasn't exhausted all the time. Every Saturday I unplugged the phone, slept till noon, and generally did nothing most of the day. This really spared me from getting too exhausted.

I should probably note that when I get exhausted I'm not just tired, I literally cannot stand or sometimes even sit up. If I do attempt this I will half faint, I know it sounds kind of silly but a doctor did tell me that is what it is called. Half fainting is like fainting only one does not lose consciousness. I kind of think it would be better to all the way faint because then I wouldn't feel myself hit the floor, because that is not fun. I think the record so far for me half fainting in one morning was 14 times. I know you are gasping right now. I assure you that after about the 10th time it was kind of comical.

I tell you all this because this year has been busy, very busy. I also have been reflecting more lately and have come to the conclusion that I want a more simple life. I do not want to be doing things, going here and there, just for the sake of doing them. I also do not want to be doing things just because I cannot say no (which I really have a hard time doing sometimes). I have decided that I like things simple. I like going home to my house after a day of work (at one job) and sitting down to dinner with my husband. I like putting on my pj's the moment I get home in the evening. On Saturdays I like sleeping in and not doing anything. I like to sit on Saturday mornings and sip my coffee while reading a book. As I have gotten older I have discovered my limits, both physical and emotional.

I have now decided to start a journey of leading a more simple less hectic life. I'm not sure what that will look like. I know that I want to get rid of some things within our home we really have no need for. We have 25 boxes of stuff that we packed up when we thought we would be buying a new house. That was a year ago and we have yet to really need anything out of those boxes. As I continue along this journey I will be sharing more about leading a more simple life.

What do you think? Are you leading a busy hectic life? Or do you think that I am crazy for wanting a less busy life? You can be honest and tell me I'm crazy. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Time to Write - Love is in the Air

In case you haven't noticed I really haven't posted much in the past week. This is because of this happy couple:

This is my brother-in-law Sean and his lovely wife Cong. They are celebrating their wedding on Saturday and there has been a flurry of activity going on in preperation for it. This picture is from the day they actually got married. They had to get married a little bit sooner than anticipated due to visa issues for Cong. This Saturday is when they were supposed to get married. Now we are celebrating what has already transpired. I will do a full post on the wedding, including pictures (if I remember to take any), in the next week or so.